Building plan

Tallinn Bus Station building plan 2022


    Cargobus offers parcel delivery and luggage storage. See more HERE!

    The Cargobus terminal is located in the western wing of Tallinn Bus Station.

    Cargobus Tallinn terminal is open:
    Mon–Fri 07:30–20:00
    Sat 08:00–16:00
    Sun 10:00–16:00


    Tkohvik serves a varied breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. The selection includes soups, daily meals, sandwiches, fresh salads, pastries, cakes, tarts, desserts and much more.

    Tkohvik is located next to the waiting hall of Tallinn Bus Station.

    Tkohvik is open:
    Mon–Sun 07:30–20:00


    R-Kiosk offers fast food, sandwiches, snacks, cold and hot drinks, magazines and much more.

    R-Kiosks are located in the waiting area of Tallinn Bus Station and outside at the departure platforms.

    R-Kiosk in the waiting area is open:
    Mon–Sat 06:30–21:00
    Sun 07:00–21:00

    R-Kiosk at the departure platforms is open:
    Mon–Fri 08:00–16:00


    Confido walk-in test site offers the possibility to take a COVID-19 antigen test.

    Confido walk-in test site is on the left when entering the main door of Tallinn Bus Station, up the stairs.

    Confido walk-in test site is open:
    Mon–Sun 10:00–18:00

    Confido walk-in test site lunch:
    Mon–Sun 13:00–13:40


    The waiting area has comfortable seating to spend time until your departure. You will find Tallinn Bus Station Library in the waiting area, which offers captivating reading for every taste. Books can be taken with you and later brought back or replaced with another book.

    Next to the Tallinn Bus Station Library, there is a play area for children, where small travellers can have fun until it is time to take the bus.

    An exhibition of landscape paintings from various expositions, in cooperation with the Art Museum of Estonia, can be enjoyed on the windows of the waiting area. See more HERE!

    The ticket office is open Monday to Friday from 07:30 to 19:30, on Saturdays from 08:00 to 19:00 and on Sundays from 09:00 to 19:00. See more HERE!

    Tpilet ticket vending machines are also located near the ticket office.


    The toilet can be accessed from the outside of the main building and from inside the house. The usage fee is €0.40. You can pay in cash and with contactless payment.

    The toilet for people with a disability is located near departure stop No. 5. To open the door, it is necessary to call the security officer at +372 5331 1725.

  • WiFi

    Free WiFi is available on the territory of Tallinn Bus Station. The name of the network is T-pilet-WiFi.


    The luggage or package hold is located to the left of the main entrance of Tallinn Bus Station, down the stairs and in front of the toilets. 24-hour package storage costs 1 to €3, depending on the size. The dimensions of the package may not exceed 60 cm x 45 cm x 90 cm. The fine for losing the locker key is €50.

    Larger packages and luggage can be stored at the Cargobus terminal. See more HERE!

    Cargobus Tallinn terminal is open:
    Mon–Fri 07.30–20.00
    Sat 08.00–16.00
    Sun 10.00–16.00

  • ATM

    Swedbank, SEB and LHV/Luminor ATMs are located at Tallinn Bus Station.

    The ATMs are located to the left of the main door of Tallinn Bus Station, down the stairs and in front of the toilets.

    To assist people with reduced mobility on the stairs, call +372 5331 1725.

  • TAXI

    Tallink Takso, Takso24 and Tulika Takso are located beside the arrival platform.

    The first official Bolt stop in Estonia is located at the parking lot in front of the main door of Tallinn Bus Station.

    See more HERE!


    Bikeep bicycle rack is located at the main door. See the user manual HERE!

    A standard bike rack is located in the courtyard next to the waiting platforms.


    Assisting disabled people and people with reduced mobility in Tallinn Bus Station

    Disabled people and people with reduced mobility have access to all bus station services including access to arrival and departure platforms in Tallinn Bus Station building and territory.

    Under the term that disabled people and/or people with reduced mobility have notified Tallinn Bus Station of the need for assistance following ancillary services: assistance on navigating to departure platforms and/or taxi stands, toileting facilities, and back and also support in ticket purchasing. Also, all information on departures, arrivals and bus station services is provided

    The aforementioned assistance is provided to disabled people and people with reduced mobility under the following conditions:

    • Disabled people and people with reduced mobility have informed of their arrival at least 36 hours in advance. Please contact us by calling +372 681 3444 or by e-mail at The provision of the needed assistance cannot be ensured upon shorter notice but reasonable efforts to make the assistance available is made.
    • People who need assistance should arrive at Tallinn Bus Station no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. Earlier arrival should be considered in case assistance is needed for boarding the coach.
    • In case the provision of bus service for disabled people or people with reduced mobility requires the availability of special equipment in the bus (e.g. wheelchair lift or designated space), the passenger must specify and agree upon the availability of such services with the operator of the bus line. (Due to insufficiency of medical competence Tallinn Bus Station personnel does not physically carry disabled people and people with reduced mobility aboard and off the bus.
    • Wheelchairs and other assistive devices are handled (incl. packing and placing) by Tallinn Bus Station personnel only upon supervision and under instructions of such people or its attendant. Tallinn Bus Station is not liable for any damage caused to assistive devices in case the devices are handled under instructions given by the disabled people or its attendant.
    • Any assistance not listed above is provided to disabled people and people with reduced mobility only upon cases when the provision of specific assistance has been individually agreed in advance. Tallinn Bus Station has a right to abstain from the provision of assistance when appropriate conditions and/or staff training are not available.
    • The current instruction cannot be construed as the availability of equivalent assistance in all buses. The availability of assistance and assistive devices shall be clarified with the corresponding bus operator. Tallinn Bus Station provides help in finding respective contact details.