• Renovation works of Tallinn Bus Station toilets

    From 18.10.21 to 25.10.21, repair work will take place in the toilets of Tallinn Bus Station. Toilets cannot be used during this time. Temporary outdoor toilets and a handwashing station are located on the waiting platforms of Tallinn Bus Station.

    We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

    Renovation works of Tallinn Bus Station toilets

  • Departures from Tallinn Bus Station are disturbed

    This morning at around 10:50 a false bomb threat was made to Tallinn Bus Station. Bus departures were disrupted until 11:30.

    The situation has now been resolved and the police are working with the person who made the threat and finding out more detailed circumstances.

    We apologize to all the passengers who were at Tallinn Bus Station at that time and we hope that everyone arrived nicely on their buses.

  • Reduced working hours of the helpline

    The helpline 12250 operates exceptionally on 06.08.21 from 08:00 to 16:30 and on 07.08.21 the helpline is closed.

    Contact us by e-mail at info@bussijaam.ee and we will answer as soon as possible.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

  • Landscape paintings on the windows of Tallinn Bus Station

    Starting July 5, the windows of Tallinn Bus Station will be decorated with landscape paintings from the expositions of the Estonian Art Museum.

    On the viewing windows of the waiting room of Tallinn Bus Station you can see paintings from Estonian landscapes from permanent exhibitions of the Estonian Art Museum, Kadriorg Art Museum, Mikkeli Museum, Niguliste Museum and Adamson-Eric Museum.

    Most of the pieces of art are in their original sizes and placed on the windows as repro stickers. The sun-side windows of the waiting hall open the possibility of seeing the works in a new light.

    “The Estonian Art Museum is organizing its second exhibition at our place, which we are hoping to use to make our waiting hall more cozy for visitors. We hope that the landscapes that will decorate our windows will inspire visitors to such an extent that the art corner set up with the necessary tools will be used frequently” said Tallinn Bus Station marketing and communication specialist Kadriann Raud, adding that the aim is also to use art to create a dialogue with passengers.

    Piret Järvan, marketing specialist of the Estonian Art Museum, describes the collaboration, that will continue after the first exhibition of landscape painting inspired by Christian Ackermann’s work: “At the end of last year, Tallinn Bus Station made an interesting proposal to the Estonian Art Museum for cooperation. At the beginning of the year waiting hall windows of Tallinn Bus Station were decorated with the art of Ackermann. This Summer it is replaced with landscape paintings. On longer and shorter bus rides, passengers can still admire beautiful landscapes, which have inspired many artists. We hope that with the exhibition at the bus station, visitors will be pleasantly surprised, and the original paintings will be viewed at the five branches of the Estonian Art Museum.”

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  • 50th anniversary of the Tallinn-Tartu bus line

    On July 1, 2021, 50 years passed since the launch of one of the most legendary Tallinn-Tartu express lines No. 724 in Estonia. To celebrate this, Tallinn Bus Station brought out the historic Ikarus 255 bus and the schedule of the very first working day to highlight the contrast of half a hundred years.

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    Ikarus 250
    The first Ikarus 250 by number in Ülemiste Park with bus driver Voldemar Piigli. It was one of the ten buses that arrived in Estonia in June 1971 and from which a separate brigade was created to serve the new Tartu express line 724.
    Photo by: bus driver Endel Pööbel

    Ikarus 255
    Re-production – completely restored Ikarus 255 in Tallinn Bus Station with bus driver Alar Kattai.
    Photo by: Sergei Zjuganov

    1971 Timetable
    Historical schedule of Tallinn Bus Park on July 1, 1971.

  • Tallinn Bus Station gets a new look

    The owners of Tallinn Bus Station are planning to redesign the terminal for electric buses and want to build a seven-storey building housing a car park and commercial premises.

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    A design for the new Tallinn Bus Station
    A design for the new bus station.
    Source: HG Arhitektuur

  • Tartu Bus Station road repair

    From 06.05.2021, repair works will be started on Soola Street at the request of Tartu City Government. Therefore, some platforms will be closed at Tartu Bus Station and redirected to other platforms. According to the original plan, the repair works will last until 19.05.2021.

    Please follow the signs and guidelines posted by Tartu Bus Station for platform changes and, if necessary, contact Cargobus cashier to specify your bus departure platform.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Read more on the Tartu city website tartu.ee!

    Tartu Bus Station road repair

  • Changes in Tallinn Bus Station opening hours

    Due to new and stricter COVID-19 restrictions in the Republic of Estonia, the opening hours of Tallinn Bus Station will also change from 12.03.2021.

    Open during COVID-19 restrictions (12.03.2021–27.06.2021):
    Mon–Fri 07:00–23:00

    Ticket sales during COVID-19 restrictions (12.03.2021–01.05.2021):
    Mon–Fri 08:00–18:00 bus tickets can be purchased from the ticket office.
    Mon–Fri 18:00–20:00 bus tickets can be purchased from Cargobus Tallinn terminal.
    Sat 08:00–16:00 bus tickets can be purchased from Cargobus Tallinn terminal.
    Sun 10:00–16:00 bus tickets can be purchased from Cargobus Tallinn terminal.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

    Please wear a mask indoors at Tallinn Bus Station and keep a moderate distance from other passengers!

  • Christian Ackermann’s exhibition at Tallinn Bus Station

    From February 2, you can see X-ray photographs of the statues created by Christian Ackermann from the exposition of the Niguliste Museum in the waiting hall of the Tallinn bus station.

    “The format of the pop-up exhibition allows a wider circle of people to get acquainted with Ackermann’s work.” Piret Järvan, the head of the marketing and sales department of the Estonian Art Museum, was pleased with the proposal from the Tallinn bus station. According to Järvan, the statues created by Ackermann from the churches of Northern Estonia also surprise those who are not interested in church art.

    “With a high probability, these statues may no longer be seen together in this century as they migrate back to their home churches. The exhibition at the bus station features X-ray photographs of the statues, which were completed as part of a large-scale research project. I believe that this kind of exhibition at the bus station may arouse interest in visiting the Niguliste Museum.” says Järvan.

    In 2017, the Estonian Art Museum, the Estonian Academy of Arts and the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church signed a cooperation agreement aimed at interdisciplinary research of Ackermann’s work and bringing his sculptural art back into the art field. As a result of the cooperation, you can see a close-up of nearly 60 sculptures created for the Estonian church at the Niguliste Museum exhibition.

    The pop-up exhibition at Tallinn Bus Station is open until this May.

    Read more from the Art Museum of Estonia website kunstimuuseum.ekm.ee!

  • EKA architecture students’ future visions of Tallinn Bus Station

    Tallinn Bus Station dreams of renewal and in autumn 2019, we asked students of the Estonian Academy of Arts a question – how do they see the bus station of the future?

    As a result of the study assignment, the EKA student exhibition “T4 – Tallinn Timber Tower Terminal” will be available at Tallinn Bus Station this autumn, which will showcase eight designs for the future bus station. Guests at the bus station were able to vote for their favourite. On October 16 the people’s favourite, the GRADIENT project by Mia Martina Peil and Anna Smetanina was announced.

    In the process of creating the designs, students had to rely on environmentally friendly building materials, transport traffic and people’s privacy and comfort in a dense urban space.

    “In today’s light, it is too early to talk about the redevelopment of the bus station, but the projects will certainly become input in the preparation of the initial task of the architectural competition of Tallinn Bus Station. It is great that the public has also been able to express their opinion on the future bus station within three weeks, we are looking forward to seeing which solution of the eight designs will be the favourite,” Airika Aruksaar, CEO of Tallinn Bus Station, comments on the EKA exhibition.

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