CULTURE: Opening of Mauri Gross’s painting at Tallinn Bus Station

T grupp has offered diverse cultural experiences for travellers and visitors as part of «Culture walks at the bus station» – opened free travel libraries, brought art to bus stations through various exhibitions, offered musical experiences and spectacular festivals. This makes staying at bus stations more pleasant and encourages people to use public transport services more.

Visitors of Tallinn Bus Station can now also enjoy a wonderful painting by the talented artist Mauri Gross “PÖÖRIPÄEV” on the wall of the waiting area. The official opening of the painting took place at Tallinn Bus Station on 22.11.2023 at 14:00.

Mauri Gross is a valuable Estonian artist who graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts, majoring in stage design. He works mainly with oil painting but also works in the fields of graphic design and interior design.

The painting “PÖÖRIPÄEV” is a large-format oil painting, completed in 2022–2023, measuring 2×2 m, consisting of 36 separately started and painted squares, which may not be noticed at first glance, but on closer inspection, you can see joints and not always overlapping lines or halftones. It is an intentional journey to understand the rhythms of nature and relate to the work through its name. It’s like going on a trip 36 times, picking up 36 memory pictures to merge them into a whole. Cheers to the solstice, of which there are exactly 4 each year!

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Mauri Gross "PÖÖRIPÄEV"
“PÖÖRIPÄEV” by Mauri Gross decorating the waiting area of Tallinna Bus Station.
Photo by: Taavi Sepp / Postimees