VISION: Tallinn Bus Station will have a modern electric transport connection

Tallinn Bus Station plans to become the capital’s green transport gateway to move along with the whole world towards electric mobility. Modern electric transport infrastructure will be developed in the near future. Tallinn Bus Station also wishes to offer the possibility to use electric transport for long-distance routes.

“We see that it should be possible to arrive here and move on with electric buses and cars. In the future, we are also familiarising ourselves with hydrogen technologies, because as the infrastructure we must support such technical development,” said Airika Aruksaar, CEO of T grupp OÜ.

The detailed plan, which has already been started, is not only an electrical infrastructure but also a seven-storey building servicing a bus station. A parking garage for 228 vehicles will also be built and bus platforms will be added.

“Usually, detailed plans of this size take about 7 years to build, we have already taken almost a year. We hope that we will be treated a little more favourably, because it is still a very important location for the city, and we can see that there is no better place for the bus station today at all,” added Airika Aruksaar.

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