CULTURE: Christian Ackermann’s exhibition at Tallinn Bus Station

From 02.02.2021, you can see X-ray photographs of the statues created by Christian Ackermann from the exposition of the Niguliste Museum in the waiting hall of the Tallinn bus station.

“The format of the pop-up exhibition allows a wider circle of people to get acquainted with Ackermann’s work.” Piret Järvan, the head of the marketing and sales department of the Art Museum of Estonia, was pleased with the proposal from the Tallinn bus station. According to Järvan, the statues created by Ackermann from the churches of Northern Estonia also surprise those who are not interested in church art.

“With a high probability, these statues may no longer be seen together in this century as they migrate back to their home churches. The exhibition at the bus station features X-ray photographs of the statues, which were completed as part of a large-scale research project. I believe that this kind of exhibition at the bus station may arouse interest in visiting the Niguliste Museum.” says Järvan.

In 2017, the Art Museum of Estonia, the Estonian Academy of Arts and the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church signed a cooperation agreement aimed at interdisciplinary research of Ackermann’s work and bringing his sculptural art back into the art field. As a result of the cooperation, you can see a close-up of nearly 60 sculptures created for the Estonian church at the Niguliste Museum exhibition.

The pop-up exhibition at Tallinn Bus Station is open until this May.

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