CULTURE: EKA architecture students’ future visions of Tallinn Bus Station

Tallinn Bus Station dreams of renewal and in the autumn 2019, we asked students of the Estonian Academy of Arts a question – how do they see the bus station of the future?

As a result of the study assignment, the EKA student exhibition “T4 – Tallinn Timber Tower Terminal” will be available at Tallinn Bus Station this autumn, which will showcase eight designs for the future bus station. Guests at the bus station were able to vote for their favourite. On October 16 the people’s favourite, the GRADIENT project by Mia Martina Peil and Anna Smetanina was announced.

In the process of creating the designs, students had to rely on environmentally friendly building materials, transport traffic and people’s privacy and comfort in a dense urban space.

“In today’s light, it is too early to talk about the redevelopment of the bus station, but the projects will certainly become input in the preparation of the initial task of the architectural competition of Tallinn Bus Station. It is great that the public has also been able to express their opinion on the future bus station within three weeks, we are looking forward to seeing which solution of the eight designs will be the favourite,” Airika Aruksaar, CEO of Tallinn Bus Station, comments on the EKA exhibition.

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