CULTURE: The Art Museum of Estonia brought Virumaa-themed works to the windows of Rakvere Bus Station

From 19.03.2022, the reproductions of Virumaa-themed paintings with captivating background stories on the windows of the waiting area will bring the joy of recognition to the visitors of Rakvere Bus Station. The pop-up exhibition is part of the cooperation between the Art Museum of Estonia and the Bus Station.

All the works in the repro exhibition are closely related to the history and significant places of Rakvere or Virumaa. For example works by Ado Vabbel from Tapa and Olga von der Pahlen from Palmse Manor, as well as many other interesting works.

“Rakvere Bus Station, which also received an architecture award years ago, is a building with a large glass surface. The bus station is visited by up to about 1500 people a day, who are from Virumaa or who come here to go to the theatre and museums. In order to enliven such an environment, we gave the Art Museum a free hand to illustrate it creatively. We believe that the exhibition will take the breath of the people of Virumaa and we thank the Art Museum of Estonia, which has created a sufficiently airy and meaningful exhibition considering the needs of space and people,” commented Kadriann Raud, Marketing Manager of Tallinn Bus Station, on the role of the project for Rakvere.

Piret Järvan, the head of the marketing and service department of the Art Museum of Estonia, hopes that the exhibition will broaden the knowledge of the people of Rakvere about art and connect it with the history of their homeland. “The Art Museum of Estonia is very pleased to surprise people at Rakvere Bus Station by offering them entertainment and moments of reflection, and perhaps also new knowledge about works of art that are related to Virumaa in one way or another. From a distance, the symbols of Virumaa are castles, theatres and market square. Paul Raud has portrayed three writers in the painting “Viru vanne” who swear an oath to dedicate themselves to Estonian culture and education on Rakvere Vallimäe. Who were they? If you don’t remember right away, you will definitely get an answer at the Bus Station,” noted Järvan.

The aim of the cooperation between Tallinn Bus Station, which manages the Art Museum of Estonia and Rakvere Bus Station, is to offer passengers a little culture while waiting for a bus.

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Kristjan Raud "Viru vanne"
Kristjan Raud “Viru vanne” is one of the repro photos, that can be seen at the Rakvere Bus Station.
Author: Art Museum of Estonia