About the company

Cargobus OÜ
Lastekodu tn 46, 10113 Tallinn
Registry Code: 10056042
E-mail: info@bussijaam.ee
Free helpline: 17799 / +372 681 3444 (Mon–Fri 08:00–19:00; Sat–Sun 09:00–17:00)

You will be charged local call charges imposed by your telephone operator and connection fees based on your service package (for example Telia: €0.3196 per minute, Tele2 €0.30 per minute, Elisa €0.62 per minute – according to 24.03.2016).

Open: Mon–Sun 06:00–01:00
Ticket office: Mon–Sun 08:00–20:00

  • Changes in opening hours

    Due to new and stricter COVID-19 restrictions in the Republic of Estonia, the opening hours of Tallinn Bus Station will also change from 12.03.2021.

    Open during COVID-19 restrictions:
    Mon–Fri 07:00–23:00

    Ticket sales during COVID-19 restrictions:
    Mon–Fri 08:00–18:00 bus tickets can be purchased from the ticket office.
    Mon–Fri 18:00–20:00 bus tickets can be purchased from Cargobus Tallinn terminal.
    Sat 08:00–16:00 bus tickets can be purchased from Cargobus Tallinn terminal.
    Sun 10:00–16:00 bus tickets can be purchased from Cargobus Tallinn terminal.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

    Please wear a mask indoors at Tallinn Bus Station and keep a moderate distance from other passengers!

Other bus stations


    Tartu Bus Station
    Turu 2, 51014 Tartu
    Open: Mon–Sund 07:00–20:00
    Ticket office: Mon–Sat 08:00–18:00; Sun 09:00–18:00


    Rakvere Bus Station
    Laada 18a, 44310 Rakvere
    Open: Mon–Sun 07:00–20:30
    Ticket office: Mon–Fri 08:30–17:00

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    Tegevjuht Airika AruksaarCEO
    Airika Aruksaar
    Haldusjuht Indrek ReismannADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER
    Indrek Reismann
    Turundus- ja kommunikatsioonijuht Kadriann RaudMARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER
    Kadriann Raud
    Müügijuht ja kliendihaldurSALES MANAGER
    Kairi Neemoja

    Tallinn Bus Station logos and photos can be found HERE.


    The history begins on May 23, 1922, when the city administration gave the architect and businessman F. Kangro the permit to open 5 bus lines.

    City lines and intercity lines begin from Vene turg (Vene market) which was also known as Täiturg (flea market) and in 1939-1940 Viru square. The buses were lined up in front of what we now know as Viru hotel, right next to the New Market. The traffic organizer who also sold bus tickets worked in a small office at the corner of Pärnu road and Vene market.

    Buses still depart from the same place, only now it is known as the Stalin square. In 1949, after demolishing the market hall and moving the market to Tartu road district, intercity bus lines’ departure was moved to a square next to Estonia theatre. A year later, a suitable place was found for intercity bus lines at the side of the huge Stalin square at the beginning of Tartu road almost where Radisson hotel is today.

    At the beginning of 1959, the bus station was moved to its current location at the corner of Lastekodu and Odra street. The wooden 1-storied building on Stalin square was taken apart and re-built at the new bus station square right where there is bus line № 17 stops today.

    A new 2-storied bus station hall was built. According to the plan the new bus station complex was supposed to be ready by the Estonian SSR 25th anniversary on July 21, 1965. The plan was more or less fulfilled, although there were several shortages pointed out in the exploitation deed.